Learning Beyond Grades (Teacher)


What's Learning Beyond Grades?

A canvas for the teachers to introduce the 21st-century learning competencies (skills) and working habits (behaviours) in the classroom for the students to thrive in school, classroom, and life.

How does the Learning Beyond Grades works?

The teacher creates the definition of (alternative) success in the classroom beyond academic grade through selecting the relevant skills and behaviours, describe them in detail, and introduce the canvas to the students in the classroom.

Why Learning Beyond Grades?

  • Shift the mindset from focusing on the academic grade to recognising the students' effort and habits to develop their growth mindset and learning abilities.

  • Teach students to "learn how to learn" and help them become a lifelong learner to prepare for jobs that don't exist yet in the future.

  • Create a shared language for the school community (teachers, parents, and school leaders) to support the student to become a better student in life.


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