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Lean A3

The Lean A3 Template is a way to highlight a team’s journey through a Lean project. Often there are multiple boards that are utilised to document a team’s journey such as:

  • Project Documentation

  • Current Landscape

  • Data Analysis

  • Recommended Future State

  • Implementation Plan

  • Follow-up (Sustainment Plan).

This template is designed to take that information and condense it down to one document. This A3 can be used to promote the Lean efforts at summits or seminars, leadership meetings, social media, newsletters and more. You do not always have the time to show all the information in all the team’s boards, so this A3 highlights the great accomplishment of the team.

How to use the A3 Template

Step 1: Project Documentation

The first step is to refer to the team’s project documentation and utilize this to document the background, Opportunity Statement, and goals. You can have fun and add photos of your team members into the A3.

Step 2: Current Landscape

The second step is to review the team’s current state map or process and document the current challenges. Some teams may want to display this by adding the process map into the A3.

Step 3: Data Analysis

The third step is to review what/ how the team document or researched for data. The key here is to tell the story of the data. If it makes sense to show the data, upload a photo or chart.

Step 4: Recommended Future State

The fourth step is to review the teams’ recommendations for change. These recommendations can be listed, a process map can be added, or pictures uploaded to show the recommendations of the team.

Step 5: Implementation

The fifth step is to refer to what is needed to make the recommendations successful. This is designed to be kept at a high level for now. If you have a timeline that was created upload it into the A3.

Step 6: Sustainment

The sixth step is to have a plan in place to follow-up with the team and assess the progress of the implementation of the recommendations. The key is to assist the team in being successful.

Have fun with the A3 as you tell your story!

#Lean all day, every day!




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Thomas Lencki Jr.
USNH Enterprise Lean Team@University System of New Hampshire
Tom is a Lean Black Belt at the University System of New Hampshire where he co-instructs Lean at the Intro, Yellow, Green and Black Belt Levels. Tom also facilitates and is passionate about helping teams become more efficient, while looking at their work through a Lean lens.

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