Kick-Off Workshop πŸš€


This Kick-off Workshop template was set up to help you run your first discovery call with a client or internally with a product trio and relevant stakeholders.


- UX Designers

- Product Managers

- Project Managers


- Know who does what in the project

- Have an agreement on what problem you're solving

- Have a clear understanding of assumptions

- Have a common project vision

- Have a general understanding of the next steps and deadlines


This shouldn't take more than 3 hours.

All frameworks used in this template are well known. The link to resources you can find inside. Enjoy!


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Aneta Kmiecik
UX Designer & Content Creator@ux.aneta
I'm a UX Designer, currently working and living in Oslo, Norway. I share my UX knowledge on various social media platform. You can know me from Instagram and Linkedin as ux.aneta. I also mentor young designers. Feel free to follow me or reach out to me and say hi.
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