Journey-Based Content Ideation


User journeys should be at the center of your content strategy

Before generative AI changed the economics of content marketing by making content generation cheap and easy for all, the smartest approach to content marketing for brands was creating content at scale. Brands would write about any and every keyword even remotely related to their product. Now that anyone can do this, we need a new strategy. 

Brands need to rely on their newfound user insights to create content that’s much more tailored to the actual user journey, instead of just search volume.

A good way to do this is by applying the Jobs To Be Done framework and map the typical user journey of your ideal customer. Create a committee of experts to brainstorm ideas of content that could be helpful in helping your ideal customer with their task.

How to use this template

Use this template for your content ideation sessions.

  1. Research your audience and their buying journey to find their Jobs To Be Done.

  2. Choose one of their jobs to be done. Prioritise the one most important for your business.

  3. Identify their goals at each stage of the funnel.

  4. Put yourself in their shoes and fill out the sections on the questions to answer, actions and spaces.

  5. Note down a few content ideas for each phase on what would help users accomplish their goals.

  6. Invite your key stakeholders to validate your thoughts on the user journey and contribute some content ideas.


The foundations of this template were created by Sarah Beldo. Edited and adapted by Lidia Infante.


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Lidia Infante
Head of International SEO@SurveyMonkey
Lidia Infante is a seasoned SEO consultant with over a decade of experience in marketing and a strong focus on content strategy and SEO. With a BSc in Psychology and a Master's in Digital Business, she has made significant contributions to companies such as, BigCommerce, and Rise At Seven. Lidia is recognized as a leading voice in the SEO community. She is an exceptional SEO speaker, regularly featured at top-tier events such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, and WTSFest.
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