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It is a privileged feeling to choose between multiple job offers. However, sometimes this can be a double-edged sword. You went through the painstaking process of applications, interviewing, and getting offers, only to encounter a crossroads. Which job?

When I was trying desperately to make an objective decision about several job offers, I used my research superpowers. I created a matrix and point system, brainstormed essential themes, and used a lot of virtual post-its.

My goal was to create a systemized way of looking at and comparing each job offer. And from there, I made a job comparison board that I now use with others and any time I have been in this situation.

If you are trying to decide which job offer would be best for you and are struggling to compare, this board outlines eight steps that will get you to your answer, including a point system to make your decision even easier.

Although it is geared toward user researchers (because that's who I am), anyone can use it - and I know this because my husband, a product manager, and my best friend, an emergency room doctor, have used it several times!


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Nikki Anderson
Founder@User Research Academy
Expert dog-petter and qualitative user researcher. Looking to make the world an easier place for researchers through templates and guides!

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