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PACC Mapping 

PACC Mapping (Primary and Community Care Mapping) is a facilitated workshop approach that helps acceleration community planning for care services (e.g. primary care). It does this in a patient centred manner by using personas to frame the discussion across a diverse group of community stakeholders. PACC Mapping has been used to help communities with a range of planning needs, such as how to better support mental health needs, maternity care, immunization planning or how to improve access to primary care.

This template is part of the free PACC Mapping facilitator toolkit that explains how to use the template and the process.This template is for PACC Mapping facilitators.It is designed to work with our PACC Mapping method. If you have not yet gone through the PACC facilitator training series, then the process for the mapping sessions will make less sense.


1. Use a new board for each community session you will be conducting.

2. Edit the initial slides for your session.

Feel free to add / delete slide frames, the ones provided here are meant as general guides. If you prefer not to use these, that is fine too, of course. There are several places where we have put <PUT PLACEHOLDER TEXT IN BRACKETS> - go through and put in the specific information there for your session. Confirm the order of the Miro frames by testing in presenter mode.

3. Create the PACC Map image for the area for the session.

  • Use Google maps to create your map image - instructions are here. Pull the map image from your computer onto your Miro board (drag and drop it anywhere on the board)Place the map in the map frame (frame 20).

  • RESIZE it so it fits the space and CROP it if you need to as well.In the top left box on the frame, add the session title (usually the community name, or what works best for your audience) and planned session date.You can delete the example maps, to avoid confusion in the session if you like.

4. Add your personas to your map frame. Once you have decided on the personas you are going to use for the session, pull the PERSONA NAME TAGS onto the board. We suggest you put them in order, top to bottom, to match your session plan. If you have created your own personas with new pictures, you can also add those as well. Adjust the background colours of any personas you have selected so the ones you are using are clearly different from the others.

  • THEN LOCK THE MAP FRAME and all the items on it. Select the frame and all the components (the map, the title, date, Persona Name Tags, and the original boxes) and lock them in Miro. This is important as this stops you from accidentally moving these pieces during your PACC session.

  • NOTE: the owner can do a SECOND owner lock on the board, which we recommend just to avoid confusion of an accidental unlocking in the session... Then add to the side of the frame the PERSONA TOKENS, IDEA CARDS, and QUESTION CARDS. Do not lock these. That way you can duplicate them in the session without unlocking anything accidentally.


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