Improve Your Process


What is the template about?

This template is about improving, brainstorming and evaluate an improvement proposal by one person or together with a team.

What does it help to achieve?

It helps to present, structure and bring together ideas for improvement. The starting point, the idea of the improvement can be prepared by one person, the idea can be brought forward by the whole team.

Who would benefit from it the most?

Everyone who wants to present his idea of improvement and work on it with a team can use this template. Also it can only be used by one person to gather ideas and go through different points.

How to use it?

It is divided in 3 Parts: Situation by now, situation after the improvements and how to get to the improvement. Each Part will brainstorm, the 5 W`s, what, why, where, when, who.

Situation by Now:

Tell your team what you would like to improve? Keep everyone on the same page with a few sentences.

Situation after the improvement:

What will be the results of your improvement?

How to get there:

How do we get to the improvement? What should we overthink?


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Andreas Lindenberg
I specialize in helping individuals and teams in introducing a new way of working with a practical approach. This involves changing the way they think and collaborate in their professional practice – putting Digital Transformation into action. Miro is my daily go-to; I've seen it, loved it, and am now hooked. Whether working solo or collaboratively, it's the centerpiece of my 'digital life,' bridging gaps that other tools can't.
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