This is a brainstorming technique that is designed to encourage large-group participation.

The method is structured as follows:

First, the facilitator presents a problem to solve or a challenge to the group.

In Round One, each person in the group generates one or two ideas on their own.

Then, the group breaks into pairs, and each pair generates one combined idea.

Finally, the entire group comes back together and discusses all of the ideas, building upon them and refining them as needed.

The 1-2-4-all method is effective because it allows for individual creativity and encourages collaboration within the group. It is also structured in a way that helps to build momentum and keep the group focused on generating ideas.


The 1-2-4-all technique may be used in different approaches as well, such as generating as many ideas as possible instead of one - however, this board is specifically purposed for generating one combined idea.

More about 1-2-4-all: https://www.liberatingstructures.com/1-1-2-4-all/


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