IMC Briefing Kick-off


When to use IMC Briefing KICK-OFF?

This is a great way to start working on the marketing brief for any type of x-functional work. IMC Briefing KICK-OFF is a 60 minute workshop to align on the high-level info for the project and make sure you can set up for success.

How does IMC Briefing KICK-OFF work?

You’ll be guided through 9 key concepts:

* People & Roles: Who is going to be involved? RACI model. 5 mins

* Business problem: Why we are doing this? 10 mins

* Who are we talking to: Who is our audience. What we know about them. 5 mins

* What are insights that unlock the challenge: 20 mins

* What do we want to say: 10 mins

* What are our key dates: 5 mins

* Deliverables: 5mins

There are many more steps that you can include for the team chat or take away, so build it as a transformer in order to make the best out of. Your meeting. 


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Pasha Teslenko
IMC Lead@Miro
Brand marketing lead at Miro. I'm focusing on marketing and brand strategy. Our team is responsible for projects that require deep x-functional collaboration and delivery of creative assets for all GTM.
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