IDS Workshop


Use this template to workshop as a team around a powerful tool used in EOS (Entreprenial Operating System) to solve your team's most pressing issues

An issue could be a problem, an obstacle, a broken system, a missing step in a process, a customer complaint, or an employee grumbling. But not all issues are negative - some can be good, too. An opportunity for a new product or service a customer wants, a cost-saving idea, or an error-prevention step for a process.

Having an Issues List is useless unless the culture of Makosi makes it safe for anyone and everyone to call out issues for what they are. Many businesses that fail to create a culture where identifying issues is encouraged end up operating in a continual “fire-fighting” mode. They will spend unnecessary amounts of time and energy troubleshooting problems when they could be – and should be – focusing on developing methods that prevent fires in the first place.

All the instructions can be found in the template.


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Ashleigh Forster
Lead Business Analyst@Makosi
Foodie who had a quarter-life crisis and moved into the tech world. On a permanent mission to: - Help business realise opportunities where value can be achieved - Collaborate to help define and develop solutions to deliver that value - Ensure that value is realised and adopted into day to day process
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