Idea Profile 1.0


With an idea profile, you can structure your idea clearly. The goal is to gain an initial orientation as to where you currently stand.

You should iterate your idea profile again and again during your development process - hence 1.0. Keep adding new insights and fleshing it out.

Especially at the beginning, you don't have to be able to answer all questions finally. Do not get lost in perfection. Take 15 - 20 minutes to fill out the profile as well as you can at this point in time.

Which problem do you want to solve for which target group? Based on this, you should then get to understand your target group better and identify particularly important problems. Everything else is optional at the beginning.

  • Problem: What are the most important problems you want to solve? What have you made your mission?

  • Target audience: For whom are those problems particularly disruptive? Who would benefit from your solution?

  • Value proposition: What should your solution promise look like? What are the key components?

  • Revenue Mechanics: How can you make money from the idea? Which model makes the most sense?

  • Value creation: How can the value proposition be delivered? What activities, partners, resources, etc. are needed?

What can you currently already answer? Unknown areas can be left blank and filled in later.

Use this template to define the first starting point for your idea. Have fun!


Innovation Consulting
We guide companies to develop new business models and challenge the future. We support as an experienced sparring partner and consultant at the interface of innovation, business model development and systemic approach. With our products, we also pass on our knowledge on the topic of business model development in the form of tools, methods and simple processes and support motivated people in independently implementing their visions.
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