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Ice Melter - This or That Astronaut Style

What is this thing?

The This or That activity is an Ice Melter to get everyone comfortable heading into a workshop—astronaut style!

This template was inspired by the Miro Board Improv Sessions run by Rachel Davis and Jonathan White as part of the Designing Experiences in Miro Community Group. Many of the choices for this or that on this template were fueled by the community during the 2022 Into the Miroverse event.

Where do I use it?

🏁 You can use this activity as an Ice Melter at the beginning of a workshop.

🎭 You can also set the stage before a workshop and use this activity in a pre-workshop board. Just make sure to accompany with instructions, perhaps even a short video on how to use it!

How do I use it?

1️⃣ If you know your participants ahead of time, you can pre-populate their names and ask your participants to find the planet with their name next to it! (If you don't know participant names, you can ask them to fill that in once you get started)

2️⃣ Have everyone slide the planet to the side that makes them go "Yup, that's the one!" or to somewhere in between both choices.

Pro Tips!

⏰ Usually takes around a quick 5 minutes, have people answer on their own, and you can talk as you go about things that stick out or are polarizing. People get really into it 😄 in a good way!

⚙️ Easy to Customize. You can use anything for your icons on either side of the slider. On the template, you will also find what we call a Swipe File. Here you will find alternate This or That choices you can switch in and out, plus a blank where you can copy and make your own!

🔒 Remember to lock everything on your board except the planets!


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Rachel Davis
Workshop Creator + Facilitator
Your friendly design thinking and facilitation geek checkin' in. I co-lead the 'Designing Experiences in Miro Community' group—you may remember me from such Miro sessions as Miro Board Improv!

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