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When to use the How Might We Board

The Reproductive Health National Training Center (RHNTC) recognized the value of using a collaborative platform for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) grantees to hold guided team brainstorming sessions on improving different aspects of their programs to better meet program requirements. This board will serve as the collaborative space to help guide your TPP team through a framework adapted from the Stanford D School - the How Might We framework. To begin, you will need to identify the program improvement you are hoping to achieve, for example, optimizing community engagement. You then apply the How Might We question to the improvement, for example, how might we optimize community engagement? By asking How Might We, it encourages teams to think outside the box and consider the good, emotional, extreme, opposite, underlying assumptions, and analogous scenarios that can then feed into strategy generation. This board considers each area by asking the broad question: "How Might We..." for the identified improvement and then narrows down on each specific area to generate ideas.

How to Use the How Might We Optimize Community Engagement Board

The board is structured to guide you through a brainstorming by asking how might you improve an aspect of your program by considering each of the following:

  • The good that would result

  • The emotions (good or bad) that could be associated with it

  • The extremes (good or bad) that could happen

  • The opposite of what you want to happen

  • The underlying assumptions you have about it

  • Analogous scenarios that capture what you want to create

The board includes examples for each category and the team can then create and place sticky notes as they brainstorm ideas for each section. The team will walk away with a multitude of ideas for how to improve the identified aspect of their program as well as an understanding of what should be avoided when working towards that goal. 


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