User Journey Mapping Workshop


The User Journey Mapping workshop offers a 90 minute + workshop template that helps your team collaborate virtually and create comprehensive user journey maps.

When to use User Journey Mapping Workshop? When building or designing a product for users, user journey maps are incredibly helpful as they allow you to empathize with and better understand your users. Building out user journey maps can also be a great way get stakeholders involved and aligned. Use this template to synthesize everyone's knowledge of your users to create a well rounded journey map.

The user journey maps you create in this workshop can be used to:

  • clarify where in the user experience there are pain points

  • unify your organization's understanding of your users

  • inform the designs and decisions for a specific project

  • inspire new features or initiatives

How does the User Journey Mapping workshop work?

Your team will be guided through these eight steps:

  • Intro: Welcome and general overview of how the workshop will go. What is the purpose of this workshop? What are our goals and desired outcomes? What personas are we addressing? 5 mins

  • Persona work: Participants review their persona's information and fill in their empathy map. Who is the persona? What do they think, hear, feel, see? 5 mins

  • Brainstorm: Think about the persona's experience. What are their goals? What steps do they take to fulfill those goals? 10 mins

  • Create a user journey map: Participants work in groups to build out a linear user journey map. What goals and tasks do we agree on? What pain points exist? What is the user's mental state? 25 min

  • Break: Take a breather, get a snack! 5 min

  • Present and discuss: Each group presents and discusses their user journey map with everyone. Where do we agree or disagree? Was anything surprising? 30 min

  • Opportunities: Review the finalized maps together to highlight the key moments in the journey with the biggest opportunities for improvement. What changes would benefit the most personas and solve the largest existing difficulties? What goals are most important for our users to achieve? 15 mins

  • Wrap up: Thank participants for their help and inform them of next steps. What's next? How will the journey maps be used?"


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