Homepage as a Positioning Canvas


Most guides remain hidden somewhere in the depths of Google Drive after creation. Including positioning and messaging guides.

No one ever brings it to light.

No one updates it.

Often, half the company doesn't know about it.

What to do with it?

Your homepage should be your positioning guide!

It's always visible. And it's easy for everyone to reach - employees and potential customers alike.

In addition, your homepage contains everything that a guide should contain in its applied form.

  • Realistic goals

  • Realistic positioning

  • Realistic messaging

  • Realistic copy

  • Realistic styles/graphics/images/illustrations

  • Realistic tone of voice

  • Realistic use cases

  • Realistic proof

And that's why this guide exists. It will help you brainstorm and design your homepage. And then your homepage can serve as a guide for everyone who comes after you.


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