Hey UX, What's Next?


Going through a professional transition? Thinking about your next career move?

Wherever you are in your UX career, this board provides guidelines and step-by-step approaches to success as you put yourself out there professionally. It was created by 2 user researchers and a design recruiter who applied their years of experience and expertise to gather all the tips and tricks you'll need to get up and running with your job search. You can expect to be guided in:

  • exploring your own needs and career ambitions via creative prompts and activities;

  • putting together your resume, CV, and portfolio, including templates and examples;

  • suggested questions to ask in interviews;

  • an interview tracker;

  • a set of tools to evaluate which job to choose;

  • bonus section for some fun.


amanda gelb image
amanda gelb
Research Lead
Lifelong question-asker and tinkerer. Passionate about empowering communities through artful research and strategic planning while using data as a guide for decision-making. Highly skilled at managing projects from start to finish, leading cross-functional teams, and presenting information to various audiences.
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