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Guess Who?

This template works great as an ice breaker or fun team building activity putting a Miro spin on the popular Guess Who game!


  1. Divide into 2 equal teams one for the red tray and one for blue

  2. As a team secretly select a face card and place beneath the Target Card (using PgDn)

  3. Alternate turns asking one question that can be answered yes or no

  4. Eliminate appropriate face cards using the blocker cards to screen out incorrect face cards

  5. Keep taking turns asking questions until someone thinks they can guess who is on the opponent's Target Card

  6. When you are ready to guess who is on the Mystery Card, make your guess on your turn instead of asking a question. You cannot ask a question and guess on the same turn.

If you guess wrong, you lose the game!

If you guess right, you win the game!

BONUS CHALLENGE - For extra difficulty select an extra Target Face cards and try to work out who your opponent has selected using "both" and "either" questions to eliminate potential matches!

I hope this is a fun exercise in your team and drives engagement and conversations!


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David Westgarth
Digital Project Manager @DWP
Dave Westgarth is currently working as a Digital Project Manager in UK Government. He serves on software development, automation, cloud and service transformation projects across the spectrum of approaches including waterfall, scrum, kanban and lean.

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