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Grand Team Agile Retrospective

Unlock team achievements in a GTA style!

Inspired by the iconic aesthetic of Grand Theft Auto, the "Grand Team Agile Retrospective" template brings a playful yet effective twist to team retrospectives. This template is designed to keep the team engaged and motivated while reflecting on their work. The template includes the following sections, each to be filled with colorful post-it notes:

  1. Ice Breaker:

    • Start the retrospective with a fun ice breaker activity. Optionally, team members can choose and discuss which version of Grand Theft Auto they think is the best. This helps to lighten the mood and encourage team bonding.

  2. Success:

    • Celebrate the wins! In this section, team members add post-it notes to acknowledge and appreciate the successes achieved during the sprint. Highlighting victories helps to build a positive atmosphere and recognize hard work.

  3. Wasted:

    • Reflect on what didn’t go well. This section is dedicated to identifying and understanding the failures. Team members place post-it notes to point out the areas where things went wrong, fostering an environment of transparency and continuous improvement.

  4. Challenges:

    • Discuss the obstacles faced. Team members use this section to note down the challenges encountered during the sprint. This can include anything from technical difficulties to team dynamics. Understanding these challenges is key to finding solutions.

  5. Goals:

    • Set future objectives. In this section, the team adds post-it notes to outline the goals for the upcoming sprint or project phase. Clear and actionable goals help to keep the team focused and aligned on what they want to achieve next.

  6. Resulting Actions:

    • Define the actions to be taken. This final section is for noting down the concrete actions that the team will take as a result of the retrospective. Each action item should be clear, assignable, and time-bound to ensure accountability and follow-through.

This template leverages the engaging Grand Theft Auto theme to make retrospectives more enjoyable and effective, while ensuring that all critical aspects of the team's performance are reviewed and addressed. I hope you like it.


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