Future Ripples Method


Future Ripples is a half-day activity to promote future thinking by collecting present signals/trends and brainstorming possible direct and indirect consequences of a selected signal/trend.

Time: 4 hours ( + 1-2 hours preparation of signals)

Intended for product design + innovation teams, research teams or anyone who wants to develop futures thinking capacities

The process consists of four main steps:

  1. Scanning for signals/trends;

  2. Choosing a signal;

  3. Creating the ripples of consequences;

  4. Following up.

These steps match the activities of scanning, framing and mapping/futuring in a traditional foresight process. Finally, a follow-up step concludes the workshop with steering towards actionable activities.

Authors: Felix Epp, Tim Moesgen, Antti Salovaara, Emmi Pouta and İdil Gaziulusoy

Link to research paper: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/3532106.3534570


Tim Moesgen image
Tim Moesgen
Design Researcher@Aalto University
Research on Multisensory Interactions and Futures and Foresight of wearable technology

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