Fry Prompt Icebreaker

This is an icebreaker that puts the focus on the group and allows for minimal talking from the host. This is great to use if you are more introverted host. This also ideal when meeting participants are less familiar with one another like cross functional teams or an employee resource group.


  • The host will use the pointer to pick and pull a "fry" (hidden behind the fry box), and then rotate the text box to read the prompt aloud.

  • 1 or 2 people from the group will volunteer to share a 2 -3 minute story that responds to the prompt.

  • Participants in the group are encouraged to use emojis to react to whoever is sharing.

Estimated time for template: 15 minutes

Prompts can be customoized and additions can be added to extend the dialogue.


Ashley Jenkins image
Ashley Jenkins
Events | Black Excellence Lead@Miro
I am Event Manager at Miro and also lead our Black Excellence employee resources group. I am a ice breaker aficionado and plan to start sharing some of the most popular ones that I have created. 

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