Feature/Story Map


Why to use this template?

Identify or outline scope, and prioritise the resulting features (epics / stories) so that you can deliver a narrative-complete solution in line with desirable outcomes.

Featuremaps (~Storymaps) are our default tool to elicit and visualise features and scope at overview- and detailed-level. A Featuremap is based on an end-to-end process (user journey) that provides value to a user and assigns features, epics or stories that enable each step of the journey in priority order.

The teams I work with, use Featuremaps as the key tools to define, prioritise and communicate scope.

How to do it

  • Agree on the target audience and their goals

  • Map overall journey

  • Identify and map features against the journey

  • Define releases

  • Assign features to releases

  • Prioritise items within a release (optional)

Ultimately this is all about building meaningful features and prioritisation against release.


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