Ecosystem Mapping


The Ecosystem Mapping consist in seven (7) steps:

Step 1 - General information

Goal: Identify the platforms, cross modules, tools, partners, among others.

Outcome: Create a map of connections based on the customer journey map of your buyer persona. This information will help understand the actual status of your business.

Step 2 - Product

Goal: Identify the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth level of features. Repeat this process for each Product, Digital Asset, or platform.

Outcome: Create a map of connections based on the importance, adoption and customer journey map. This information will help you understand what features are the most important and probably those ones that you need to measure constantly.

Step 3 - Value

Goal: Based on the "General Information" mapping, identify how the value is moving from one platform, cross modules, tools, and partners to another.

Outcome: Create a map of connections and value to corroborate how the adoption, users, etc, goes from one side to another. This information will help you define collaboration between teams and define business strategies.

Step 4 - Data

Goal: Identify what events, personal, transactional, etc, data are you tracking across the ecosystem.

Outcome: Map the data flow between platforms, cross modules, tools, and partners. This information will help you understand what data really matter and what kind of decision we can make with it.

Step 5 - Architecture

Goal: Identify the Data bases, core platforms, APIs, firewalls, and code lenguages.

Outcome: Create a map of connections based on how the business operates from a tech perspective. This information will help you to validate how the product or ecosystem is supported and operates for future innovation.

Step 6 - Service

Goal: Identify how the service is serve based on customer point of contacts and journey map.Outcome: Create a map to validate how the service is provide to the users. This information will help you identify the pains, needs, and frustrations your users feel by interact with your product.

Step 7 - Metrics

Goal: Identify the business, product, and features desired outcomes.

Outcome: Create a map to connect your feature outcomes and results against your product and business. This information will help you to understand if every decision you make regarding your product is align with your business final resutls.

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Michel Hauzeur
Product Design & Innovation Leader@Nearsure
I am the Product Design & Innovation Leader at Nearsure, and the CGO at La Corte de los Búhos. I am also part of the Product League Mentors and Product Makers Mentors.​ I have more than 14+ years of working experience in technology projects and have been working as a Product Manager for the past 8 years. ​ One of his most successful projects was the migration of more than 250,000 users to a new and personalized platform for a well-known financial company in Colombia.
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