Team Building

Dilemmas Time

What is it & when to use it?

A very simple and fun exercise you can use on various occasions. It’s very flexible and straightforward so that you can tweak it in many ways and adjust it to your needs (depending on the time available, number of participants, how well participants know each other etc). Some ideas about where you can use it:

  • as an ice breaker and check-in activity, helping participants get to know each other.

  • as a team building activity to help teams warm up and relax.

  • to help to know even better each other and discover common ground

  • to onboard new members

  • to make participants have some fun in a creative way!

How to use it

The Dilemmas Time is simple, fun and engaging!

Get prepared by putting the participants’ photos in the circle placeholders. Get creative and put some accessories on them using Miro Icons!

Ready? Everyone puts their cursors on their photos in the first dilemma area. Time for Countdown! 3,2,1 ...... and let’s choose! Everyone moves their photos on the respective option of the rectangle (based on their choice).

Follow the Facilitation Guide in the Miro board for more details and helpful tips and variations.


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Iro Papadopoulou
Scrum Master@Innovation Hub, Deutsche Telekom
Enthusiastic Agile Coach who finds purpose in seeing a team coming together to accomplish a common goal and empowering a group to solve problems on their own.

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