Design a Mug Ice-breaker/Warm-up Exercise


This template works well for either a warm-up exercise at the start of a meeting or workshop, to encourage creativity while allowing participants to become familiar with Miro. It can also be used as a a wind-down activity at the end of a meeting.

  1. Each participant chooses a blank mug and adds their name to the white sticky on its rim.

  2. They then are allowed 10 minutes to design their mug. This template was originally used as part of a user-centred design discussion, to illustrate the basic premise that the user's ideal mug would have a design on the outside which appeal to their interests, passions, sense of humour or aesthetic preferences.

  3. Participants can use stickies to note what they would want on the mug, or if they are comfortable with Miro, they can use Miro's drawing tools to illustrate the mug. They can also paste images onto the mug from the Internet or their stored images.

As an added bonus to encourage participation, I turned this exercise into a competition and chose a mug design as a winner which would then be ordered from one of the photo gift providers online.


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Rita Quigley
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