Design with Human Data Kit


The Design with Human Data Kit is your toolbox for working on new projects/ideas/features which involve data from people in a human-centred way.

Based on three phases, you can use the different parts as stand-alone exercises to clarify something in your team, or use the complete set for a kick-off/ideation session with team or clients.

How to use the Design with Human Data Kit

  1. Set the stage - Explore the kit, get together the people you need and explore the power dynamics in your company (more details in the kit).

  2. Frame the problem space - Use the goals and guidelines part, to set the goal and rules for the project/product/feature. (Around 1 hour)

  3. Create ideas - Use the constraints from the frame part to think about people and how to help them. Check these with reality, the data sources part.

  4. Reflect on ideas - Estimate the data you need and the impact you are creating, and set responsibilities to address challenges.

  5. Go into prototyping mode and bring your ideas to life with the creative tools you are familiar with.


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