Design System Kickoff


The Design System Kickoff is a 90-minute workshop template that helps a cross-functional team align on the purpose of their Design System activities. It creates a common understanding about what frameworks are currently used to build the interface and includes a visual audit activity that helps trigger additional questions and issues to consider.

Who should use the Design System Kickoff?

This template is intended for the core team members who will be involved in actively building the Design System, primarily UX Designers and Front-End Engineers. It can include Product Managers or other members like UX Writing or Web Designers who may be contributors to the Design System as well.

The outcomes from this Design System Kickoff should be:

  • creating a shared understanding and trust between team members;

  • clarifying goals of why you're building a design system, and identifying a baseline level of the overall consistency in the product today;

  • document the current status of how the interface is built currently;

  • set the team up for next steps and on-going conversations

How does the Design System Kickoff work?

You’ll be guided through 6 main topics:

1. Icebreaker: Energize the room and have a fun moment together. 5 mins

2. Goals: What problems will a Design System help with? 10 mins

3. How We Build Today: Describe how the interface is built and identify issues. 15 mins

4. Visual Audit Activity: Find as many inconsistencies in the product (buttons, selectors, data input, iconography). 30 mins

5. What's Next: Identify and discuss the next steps for moving forward, both short- and long-term. 20 mins

6. Communications: Ensure that everyone has access to the right channels/tools and discuss how you will work together moving forward. 10 mins


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Lisa Kleinman
Head of Design
Lisa Kleinman is Head of Design at Make, which allows anyone to visually design, build, and automate anything, without the need for coding expertise. She likes to work with cross-functional teams to build a shared understanding about what people care about and translate that into meaningful product strategies. She has worked on the future of computing for Intel, built mobile phone experiences at Nokia, and led a global research division for GoTo.

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