Daniel Ofman Core Quadrants


This Miro template is inspired by Daniel Ofman's Core Quadrant model, a powerful tool for self-exploration and personal development. It encourages users to identify their inherent strengths (Core Quality), weaknesses (Pitfall), opportunities for growth (Challenges), and potential biases (Allergies).

The template aims to empower you to gain self-awareness and improve personal and professional relationships. It is particularly beneficial for those eager to understand the interplay between these four aspects of their personality and willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Using this template involves a self-reflective journey through a 4-step analysis. You can start filling out your core quadrant from any of the core components. Usually people prefer starting with their Core Quality or Pitfall. Use the help of others, preferably friends or colleagues who are not afraid to give you honest feedback.


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Marin Petrov
Product Manager@Camplight
Marin is a strategic product manager, facilitator and team coach with 20+ years of experience in the entertainment and software industry. He worked on some award winning movies and helped create many software products used daily by teams. Marin cares deeply about the invisible, but important ingredients that make high-performing teams and great company culture.

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