Customer Transformation Canvas


What is this template for

The Customer Transformation Canvas template helps you and your team to frame (or reframe) your product in terms of how it will help transform your customers.

Using this template helps you get to:

  • A unique value proposition

  • A list of benefits that resonates with your audience

  • Better alignment across your team and/or stakeholders about the purpose of your project

Who should use it

This template is highly effective if your team is too focused on features or what your project is rather than what it's for. So, if your team and stakeholders are struggling to get clarity and alignment, this template will help!

This is definitely useful for product teams, but it's also useful for service improvement projects, marketing campaigns, change management initiatives, and business process improvements.

When should you use it

Ideally, you should use this at the beginning of a project, a sprint, or at a product strategy offsite. It's also good to use as a diagnostic when you KNOW there are gaps in your product strategy but aren't sure where to start.

How to use it

This template works well when discussed and completed as a team or a group of interested stakeholders. Book an hour, and call it a 'Project Success Workshop.'

  1. Assemble your team, and explain the intent of the workshop: to formulate a unique value proposition and set of benefits for your project from the perspective of the audience you're focused on.

  2. Start on the 'Current State' side. Who are you focused on? What are their goals? What are their problems?

  3. Next, move to the 'Future State' side. What does a 'super' version of your audience look like? How have their lives improved? What benefits do they now experience?

  4. Now for the strategic thinking part! Just like a *certain person* steps into a phone booth and steps out as a superhero, what happens in your phone booth, to transform your audience into a 'super' audience?

  5. Wrap it up. Ask everyone to try to distill the thoughts collected on the canvas into a unique value proposition using the guide provided.


The Customer Transformation Canvas was created by Ben Crothers, Principal Facilitator at Bright Pilots, and is used with permission.


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