Customer Journey Canvas


Turn your transcripts into actionable customer insights (requires 3 people minimum)

  • Copy this Miro Template for each new persona

  • Divide up 5-8 interview transcripts of people who match the current persona of interest (do this between 2-4 people)

  • Each read at least three interviews, and each interview is read by at least two people who didn’t conduct that interview.

  • Each person highlights quotes from transcripts that answer any of the 12 things we want to know about our customers.

  • If we find segments of customers with different goals, then draft different customer journeys for each use case based on their goals. Avoid creating different journeys based on characteristics like gender or life stage.

  • Once we have quotes for each of the 12 boxes, consolidate them into a few that best express the sentiment. Edit the customer quotes down to short phrases that explain the point in words your customers actually use.

Note: This template is pulled from Matt Lerner's fantastic book on 'Growth Levers'


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