Crazy 8s


Sometimes you just need to shake things up! Crazy 8s is an exercise that takes less than 10 minutes and gives you the power to change things up with a more spontaneous method. Put a scenario out on the table and in 1 minute, get all of your ideas out of your head and into this template. This exercise can be used to both consider and improve new ideas, products, or solutions.

The first step in our crazy 8s exercise is to create a scenario. You’ll want to think of an idea to create other ideas around. It can be a problem, feature, or even an entire development project!

Next, you’ll want to ideate on that scenario. You can do this by imagining an idea for a feature, solution, or contribution to the scenario in under one minute.

You’ll then repeat this process, moving through the 8 squares and creating a new idea for each square.

Explore new or old problems, no matter what the complexity is. Have fun using the crazy 8s template to mix things up!

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