🌳 Conference & Event Feedback Field



📣 Calling all event organisers 📣. Use this space to document and learn from each other by sharing key insights from your special event.


For who and for when?

Whether you're organising an event with a hefty schedule, or you just want general feedback on the day, this multi-purpose playful method incoporates specific workshop feedback, and overall vibes from your event.


How to use this template?

Use the timeline in the clouds to plot out your event schedule. Here attendees can capture their key insights for each session, enabling everyone to collectively learn from their shared experiences. (Plus your facilitators get a boost from seeing their gift translate into concrete knowledge sharing, which is a gift back to them.)

Use the Graffiti wall to have attendees desribe their overall experiences of the event using as many comments, Post-it notes, scribbles and screenshots as their hearts desire!



This canvas was commissioned for the NeverDoneBefore 24 hr Facilitation Festival in 2021. If you enjoy pushing the boundaries of the art of facilitation, there is a global community waiting to welcome you with their open arms.

Props to Shayne Smart for the delightful Feedback Cloud method which was part of the NeverDoneBefore Resident's Garden.


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Lucie Agolini
Visual Experience Designer@CNVS & TMPLTS
Hi! 👋 I’m Lucie, and I’m on a mission to bring exceptional visual design and user experience to the world of workshop canvases. With over 15 years of creative problem solving, I craft elegant solutions to complex design requirements that not only look great, but are easy to use, engage participants, and achieve objectives. My goal is to create delightful experiences that get people talking, and inspire others to make the world a more visual place.
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