Collaborative modelling


In a UX/Backend co-modelling workshop, a UX designer shows a new feature to a backend developer, supported by a wireframe. Together, they fill the canvas provided in the template to start defining how this idea will look like - from the backend point-of-view.

This workshop works well with a Lead UX and a Lead Backend : both know their trade and will be able to envision the feature even with a few basic sketches.

Beware ! The canvas should not be considered as a design/technical specification : the primary goal for this workshop is to align visions between the UX designer(s) and the backend team, and the value relies in the dialogue that will take place between them. Have fun !


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Laurent Lévêque
UX Designer@Eco CO2
Passionate about tinkering with both hardware and software, I try to find creative ways to make people happier, one smile at a time
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