Collaborative Brainstorming & Decision-Making


This interactive template is crafted to improve your brainstorming sessions and streamline the process of generating ideas, evaluating them, and deciding on the best course of action. It's the perfect tool for teams looking to harness collective creativity and make informed decisions efficiently.

How to use this template

Our template is divided into five well-defined steps, making it easy to facilitate a productive and engaging brainstorming session.

Here's how it can transform your team's approach:

1. Assemble your team

Start your session by gathering team members and stakeholders. The template includes space to identify participants, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration from the outset. Use the template to list participants and explain the process, setting the stage for a successful brainstorming session. 

2. Ideate with purpose

Move into the ideation phase with our 'Ideas Sprint' section. Set the timer and let creativity flow, capturing all ideas on the intuitive sticky note system designed for quick input and organization. 

3. Peer review for enhanced insights

Transition to a peer review where team members can provide feedback on each idea. Our voting system allows for democratic selection of the best concepts, ensuring every voice is heard.

4. Prioritize with clarity

Utilize the 'Effort vs Impact Matrix' to prioritize ideas based on their potential value and the effort required for implementation. This visual tool assists in aligning the team on what to tackle first.

5. Define next steps

Conclude your session by outlining clear next steps. The template prompts teams to convert brainstorming output into actionable tasks, paving the way for implementation and success.

Who benefits from this template?

This template is a valuable asset for project managers, team leaders, and facilitators looking to drive productive brainstorming sessions. It's versatile enough for startups, educational institutions, and corporate teams across various industries.

I hope this template takes your team's ideation sessions to new heights of productivity and innovation. Enjoy!


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