Co-Creation Journey for Inclusive Tools


Develop prototypes for open-source assistive devices (careables) as an inclusive team

Through our Open Health Hackathons at BeAble, we've learned that any matching team can develop assistive technology prototypes in about 6 weeks.

Here we share with you our best practice workflow, including input videos, activity templates, and a detailed guide (as PDF).

It will help you have a great flow in your collaboration and independently create a prototype for an open-source assistive device (a Careable).

How to start:

- Watch the Intro video and read the Onboarding frames of the board. Get familiar with the structure of the Journey and download the Co-Creation Guide PDF for more details. - Start with the Team phase and the activity “Getting to know,” then always take the next step. - We hope you'll have a great time on the Co-Creation Journey!

Thank You!

A thank you goes to all Co_Creators of the Open Health HACKademies and MatchMyMaker! Especially to:

Adriani Botez, Alina Weber, Antonia von Reden, Christin Ursprung, Florian Huss, Isabelle Dechamps, Kate Kagioglidis, Kyra Albrecht, Beatrice Barth, Yi-Cong Lu, Karl Blütchen, Laura Pelizzari, Ferdinand Pechmann, Daniel Wessoleck, Tasso Mulzer, Lisa Djabbarpour, Nike Michel-Soth, Thien Thi Nguyen, Vlad Georgiev, Johannes Marx, Claudia Nicholai, Scott Bolden, Joni Zaza, Amelie Cayré.

Thanks to our partners:, HPI D-School Potsdam, Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), Technische Universität Berlin (TU), Alice Salomon Hochschule (ASH), Machbar FabLab Potsdam.

Thanks to our sponsors:, Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt (DSEE), Stiftung Bildungschancen

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Our vision is a society that is Co-Created by All. Through co-creative and inclusive formats, we enable the experience of self-efficacy and shifts in perspective. We connect people and organizations from different contexts to jointly develop, test and learn from each other individual solutions. We design individual educational formats for more inclusion, creativity and social competence and guide collaborative design processes.
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