CJM and Onboarding Board


This board offers an interactive template that helps individuals or small teams create their own customer journey map. In addition, they can add all the communication channels (such as emails, push notifications, messengers, SMS, etc.).

As an example, there is also an onboarding process based on the Planner 5D Experts' webpage, which can be used as a reference.

How do I have to use this CJM board?

First, you need to determine which specific persona you want to focus on, and then you can proceed with the user's touchpoints. Try to identify as many key stages as possible that lead the user to your company's goal.

In the separate area below, you can describe the advantages and disadvantages of each step and add your own insights that may come along the way.

When should I use the CJM template?

This board can be used on multiple occasions, such as:

  • a separate workshop for your CRM/Lifecycle/Marketing Automation/UX team;

  • a dedicated repository of all users' possible actions on your website;

  • a personal space to brainstorm and collect all the data about your customer.

Once you have everything you need, you will get a clear view of users' behavior from a distance. Be sure that you have included all the steps and pain points. And good luck!


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