Chess Retrospective


Calling all Grandmasters of Strategy!

This retrospective takes a playful turn, inspired by the classic game of Chess. Get ready to capture key insights and checkmate any roadblocks hindering the team's progress.

How to Play:

  1. Double Duty Pieces: This isn't your average Chess game nor pieces, as you need to do two things for every move! Each piece on the Chess board has a matching sticky note (black for positive, white for areas for improvement) to the right of the board.

  2. Make Your Move (and Note): Move your chosen chess piece on the virtual chessboard. Then, think of a topic to be discussed and jot it down on the sticky note which is in the same position where you moved your Chess piece.

  3. Capture the Conversation: When a piece gets captured (removed from the board during play), the team discusses the topic on the matching sticky note. Brainstorm solutions or celebrate successes for positive (black) topics, and collaboratively tackle challenges for areas for improvement (white) topics.

  4. Checkmate the Issues: After the discussion, you can either mark the sticky note as discussed or get even more creative! If the topic requires further exploration during a future "capture," write a new discussion point on the sticky note to keep the conversation going.

This dynamic Chess-inspired retrospective fosters open communication and strategic problem-solving. Get ready to think critically, collaborate effectively, and ultimately, checkmate any challenges facing the team!

Facilitator's Note:

Reference images are provided to players to brush up on Chess moves if needed!


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Paul Snedden
Agile Coach
G'day, I'm Paul from the country where it's always tomorrow. You'd know it as Australia. I'm an Agile Coach, helping teams think differently to solve problems. I'm also a big believer in making work fun - one great way of doing that is by mixing up the normal drudgery of meetings. The templates I create here can be used to bring alignment and collaboration, but in fun ways using games, themes, movies, music. If you think it, you can do it.
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