BDD Remote Workshop

BDD is one of the perfect solutions to fill in the gap between our agile user stories and our development effort. BDD Canvas helps any team *define their PBIs in detail and in a more collaborative way.*

With BDD, all the involved parties have a strong understanding of the project and they can all have a role in communication and actually have constructive discussions. BDD increases and improves collaboration. It enables everyone involved in the project to easily engage with the product development cycle. And by using plain language, all are able to write behavior scenarios.

This Canvas aims to help your team become more confident that they won’t break code, and have better predictability when it comes to their work. By improving the quality of the code, you are basically reducing costs of maintenance and minimizing the project’s risks.

Head of Product Management
Digital product management professional with 10+ years of experience in UX, CRO, and product analytics with a passion for observing people and understanding their behaviors while using my products. I help product teams define their product roadmaps, prioritize their backlog, identify desired metrics by focusing on user-centered processes. It is my pleasure to share the frameworks and practices, I have been using through years with others.
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