C4 Model - Getting Started Workshop


👋 Welcome to the C4 model - Getting Started Workshop

Looking for lightweight consistency in software architecture diagrams?

👉 The C4 model is for you.

The C4 model for software architecture gives agile teams a lightweight layered approach that brings consistency to explaining how systems work.


  • Getting started with the C4 model in your organization can be hard on your own, without buy-in from the rest of your team.

  • Starting with a collaborative approach helps others understand the process and benefits better.

  • Follow this free workshop to get started as a team 🙌

🤔 What is this?

If you haven’t heard of the C4 model, start here and read up on why it could benefit your team!

If you’re looking to begin using the C4 model within your teams, a great place to start is with a collaborative group workshop. This is an important first step to inform your team about the C4 model, why it could help, and get them on board with this simple way of working. This will give you buy-in without pushing your agenda too hard or too quickly and help integrate the C4 model more seamlessly as a team. The power of the C4 model is unlocked as a team, creating a common understanding of how your systems work with both technical and non-technical peers!


💬 If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on how the workshop worked for you - we’d love to hear them!


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