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The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement. You use the card to define specific requirements which directly impact the outcomes of the product. The card provides characteristics that when taken into account provide more or less architectural relevance.

ASRs are used in both early and late-stage requirements gathering, where specific architectural elements are identified for more thorough analysis and refinement. They are also used as part of design review, where they can help identify potential problems during development.

How to use the ASR Card:

  1. ASR and Contex: Write the ASR in common requirements format for your target PM method.

  2. Significance & Impact: Describe how the ASR is significant and what makes it so. Linked to: OKRs

  3. Characteristics: List relevant characteristics based on estimations from stakeholders.

  4. Strategy & Plan: What decisions need to be made? How will the decisions be executed. Decision Records

  5. Ideas: Possible implementation ideas, linking, follow on requirements.

  6. Stakeholders: What stakeholders consider this requirement important. Linked to: Stakeholder Management Plan


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