Agile Refresh - Daily Meeting



This template is part of my agile refresh series about the scrum framework. My intention was to create a presentation, that will explain, what value that good daily can bring and also show some common mistakes and pitfalls.

This template can be used in the retrospective as a discussion started if you feel like this ceremony can be improved for your team. Or if you would like to onboard a new team and explain this particular scrum event.

The Scrum Framework picture used is by Scrum Facilitators and designed by Jenny Jung (


  • first, explain what the ceremony is about and how it is directly linked to Agile core values

  • explain what are the goals of the meeting

  • explain the usual pitfalls and misunderstandings of this ceremony

  • speak about the positive impacts that correctly running daily can bring to the team

  • conduct short feedback/retrospective with the goal of improving your daily meetings

  • have some good discussions :)

Please if you like it let me know :)


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