Agile Bingo


When training new people in Agile Ways of Working, there's lots of new and amazing terminology that people will be confronted with. What better way to help people along the journey than to gamify their learning? Introducing, Agile Bingo.

This template contains 12 game boards and can be easily duplicated to add many more, as required.

Players simply tick off each term as they hear them - whether this be in a long training session, or even during their regular day jobs. The first person to tick them all off wins.


Paul Snedden image
Paul Snedden
Agile Coach
G'day, I'm Paul from the country where it's always tomorrow. You'd know it as Australia. I'm an Agile Coach, helping teams think differently to solve problems. I'm also a big believer in making work fun - one great way of doing that is by mixing up the normal drudgery of meetings. The templates I create here can be used to bring alignment and collaboration, but in fun ways using games, themes, movies, music. If you think it, you can do it.
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