Accelerated Personas With AI


What is it

Accelerated Personas is a step-by-step guide that blends the best of persona making practices with the wizardry of AI. All made possible by blending Miro, a custom GPT (Design Toolkit AI), Midjourney, and your research to create impactful personas.


  • A step-by step-guide

  • 8 templates – including goal led, journey based and storytelling

  • Real life examples

  • Links to the Design Toolkit AI, a custom GPT that synthesises your transcripts or can make assumptions if you want. (free)

  • Midjourney prompts for hyper realistic images, because your personas deserve to look fabulous.

Why use it

  1. Craft authentic personas faster with AI doing the heavy lifting, and stay in control with options to tweak the personas along the away. E.g. I want more or less detail.

  2. Frees up the design team so you can spend more time aligning on which personas to run with, combine or adapt. 

  3. Bring emotions to life in your personas and images so you instantly feel a connection with them  

When to Use it

  1. When you need to align on who you are solving for (customers, employees, citizens etc) and connect with their reality.

  2. Post qualitative research where you want to synthesis the transcripts and generate personas quickly, but not sacrifice the quality

  3. Stuck, with no time for research, create assumption based personas in an instant. 

Who Should Use it

Designers wanting to create businesses, products, services and experiences that people crave.


I run an award winning strategic design collective where we help organisations solve complex problems. Our approach is to build your team's confidence and capability to tackle the tough stuff, and make positive change happen.
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