5W1H Multi Problem-Solving Kaizen


Miro Board: Multi Facet Root Cause Analysis 5W1H

What is this board about?

This Miro board is designed for conducting Multi Facet Root Cause Analysis using the 5W1H framework. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a systematic process for identifying the underlying causes of problems or incidents. The 5W1H method involves asking a series of questions, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How, to understand the various facets contributing to an issue thoroughly. This board serves as a visual platform to organize data, collaborate with team members, and derive comprehensive insights into complex problems.

How Can This Board Be Used for Optimal Results?

Start in the middle with the first Why. Go outside. Ask yourself why with each step. In the last row on the outside, there should be a solution proposal. How can you solve the problem?

Brainstorm together. Use this board with a group of people and try to see all the facets of a problem. Find out what you can change and what not. Use the sticky notes, color them, and prioritize the solutions.

Have fun!


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I specialize in helping individuals and teams in introducing a new way of working with a practical approach. This involves changing the way they think and collaborate in their professional practice – putting Digital Transformation into action. Miro is my daily go-to; I've seen it, loved it, and am now hooked. Whether working solo or collaboratively, it's the centerpiece of my 'digital life,' bridging gaps that other tools can't.
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