Product/Brand Naming Workshop


Welcome to the "Business Name Design Workshop," a concise and practical module part of the Skillshare course by Jacob Magnell. But, can be used standalone from that course.

This workshop follows a structured three-step process: Braindump, Refine, and Finesse, guiding participants through the creative journey of generating and refining business names. It's designed to stimulate creativity, encourage a broad exploration of ideas, and refine those ideas into potential names for businesses or products.

This methodical approach facilitates the development of unique and resonant names by leveraging both human insight and, optionally, AI tools for expanded creativity. Perfect for individuals seeking to name a new venture or product, this workshop equips you with the techniques to navigate the naming process effectively.


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Jacob Magnell
This template is part of my naming Skillshare course. Feel free to use it or modify it in any way you like. Have a great day!
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