4D Sustainability Canvas Workshop


The 4D Sustainability Canvas toolkit was developed for small and growing businesses that are keen to integrate sustainability into their strategy but don't know where to start.

The toolkit is implemented via a 2-day workshop where the organization has a chance to:

  • Assess its social and environmental impact

  • Engage the team and co-create a sustainability plan from zero

  • Get familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Who can use it:

  • SME or start-up teams with up to 20 people

  • Business owners, founders

  • Teachers and professors

  • Consultants and facilitators following commercial license request

About us

The 4D Sustainability Canvas was developed by Liza Degtyareva and Luiz Beltrami as part of a social innovation project that aimed at making sustainability accessible and affordable for small and growing companies. Since the first pilot the toolkit has been implemented in over 40 countries and is used by a network of licence partners. For further information about the use cases and services visit our website.


Liza Degtyareva image
Liza Degtyareva
CEO, Co-founder@Collective Futures Ltd
I'm an impact consultant and CEO of Collective Futures Ltd that owns the 4D Sustainability Canvas toolkit. We are a global boutique agency on a mission to help small and medium-size companies, start-ups and purposeful organisations refine their value proposition through true impact creation using collaborative and distributed methods. We also work with a network of partners in the sustainability and innovation field who can support organisations in their unique journeys.
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