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Board of Innovation is a business design and innovation strategy firm helping the world’s largest organizations navigate fundamental shifts.
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Board of Innovation is a business design and innovation strategy firm. Our consultants help the world’s largest organizations navigate fundamental shifts. We do this by developing growth strategies, innovation capabilities, and new businesses using our clients’ assets and core strengths. Thanks to our years in the field, we know that innovation doesn’t need to be sexy to work. You won’t get innovation theatre from us. Our strategists and business designers are fully committed to delivering return on innovation. We focus on programs that produce results.

We believe in using a human-centered approach to solve the world’s problems. We look at how new business models can help non-profit organizations, NGOs, and responsible businesses improve the lives of the people they serve. By engaging the right partners who want to make a difference, we believe social innovation can have a transformative impact on societies.

Our .social team is a group of passionate, concerned citizens with expertise in innovation strategy, service design, business model innovation, and social innovation. We use our experience as innovation consultants to improve the way organizations are tackling societal challenges in developing countries. Together with our clients, we are using innovation to help those who need it most. Through this work, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of less developed regions. Join us in the journey towards an inclusive future.

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“When we had suddenly work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, BOI showed us how genuine connection and productive collaboration was still possible. They’ve even changed how we collaborate internally. I cannot recommend them highly enough. ”
Heather Wishart-Smith - SVP Technology & Innovation @ Jacobs
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