Under Armour embraces virtual conference room to drive innovation

At Under Armour, performance and teamwork are obsessions. The Under Armour team is deeply committed to designing products that help athletes perform better on the field. In their office, teamwork and collaboration are the mission-critical values they apply to consistently innovate.

“Our values aren’t just words on walls or computer screens,” explains Tchernavia Rocker, Chief People & Administrative Officer at Under Armour. “They are really embedded in the way we do work.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Under Armour’s team jumped into action to ensure that the spirit of collaboration endured during remote work. As Vice President of Consumer Experience, Meeta Patel knew that recreating the collaborative magic of Under Armour’s culture would be critical in meeting rapidly changing consumer needs. “We asked: how do we take the culture we have of teams coming together in a physical space and do that in our homes?”

One of the solutions that Under Armour put in place to manage the change was Miro. “Miro helped us bring everyone into a virtual conference room,” says Ashley Robinson, a Digital Teammate Experience Designer.

Brad is a writer with a passion for helping teams communicate with clarity, fun, and humor. He brings his past experience as a teacher, video producer, and sales professional to Miro to help teams collaborate across functions. He lives in Boulder Creek, CA with his wife and pets.

By creating a virtual conference room for their team, Under Armour was able to keep their culture strong, innovation alive, and collaborate effectively on new products. “Miro takes things from concepts to concrete,” says Kymbrely Lippy, a Customer Experience strategist. “That way we’re not just talking in theory about what we might do — but we can show what it might look like and give direct feedback.”

In our newest customer video, we visit the Under Armour team at their headquarters in Baltimore and see how they kept their culture of collaboration and teamwork thriving, even when the pandemic forced them into virtual and hybrid work. “In the end, something unique happened,” Rocker says of the experience. “We learned to collaborate — better.”

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