Miro among the top performers in Okta’s Businesses at Work 2024 report

We at Miro are thrilled to be included in Okta’s Businesses at Work 2024 report. Leveraging anonymized data from nearly 19,000 global customers, this annual report provides one of the most comprehensive windows into app use within enterprises — and even serves as a bellwether of future usage.

From identifying the 50 most popular apps of the year to charting growth by category, illuminating usage differences across countries, and diving into ongoing trends like security, Businesses at Work is a treasure trove of insights into how, when, and where today’s hottest apps are used. 

Make no mistake, the competition is fierce. Between new tech innovations like AI, continuing global uncertainty, and companies feeling the crunch to do more with less, the stakes were especially high this year. But, as the data demonstrates, Miro rose to the challenge as an important and valuable platform. Here are a few highlights from the report:

Thanks to its tremendous user base, Okta is able to shed light on actual usage patterns in today’s cutthroat app landscape. Among the 50 most popular apps across thousands of global companies featured in this year’s report, Miro is delighted to be at the head of the pack in year-over-year growth by number of customers — well above over 90% of the competing apps. We are also in the top half for growth by unique users.

All told, we’re heartened by another strong showing in the overall growth, a category that we were also at the forefront of in the 2023 report. The takeaway? Despite strong competition and macro-level headwinds, people are as excited about Miro as ever. 

Miro’s popularity rising within startups

We know that Miro is used in many of the biggest global enterprises — in fact, 99% of the Fortune 100 trust Miro — but Okta’s report reveals our growing popularity among startups, as well. According to Businesses at Work, Miro is one of the fastest growing apps in this space. Coming in sixth place in a crowded field, we hit 36% year-over-year growth in this especially tech-savvy, cutting-edge sector.

Miro leading in specific sectors

Taking a closer look at the numbers, we’re thrilled to stand out in some key areas. In the Finance and Banking industry, Miro is the fastest growing app by number of customers with 44% growth. According to Businesses at Work, this success is part of an upswell in the need for collaboration tools — and, of course, we are here to help.

Finally, we couldn’t be happier to that Miro is the #1 fastest growing app in Australia, with 43% growth. This is a huge win for our growing Miro team in region, and we are eager to continue the momentum. 

A look at where we are — and where we’re going

While we’ve been included in Okta’s Businesses at Work report multiple times since its inception a decade ago, Miro isn’t one to rest on its laurels. We continue to build toward exciting future horizons, evolving alongside our customers and distinguishing ourselves in today’s competitive landscape.

As the visual workspace for innovation, we are committed to helping users turn collaboration into the next big thing. And we can’t wait to see what insights next year’s Businesses at Work will reveal.

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