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New Miroverse templates: Icebreakers galore!

September 15, 2020

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve arranged a virtual meeting or workshop, but not everyone knows each other. Or maybe they do know each other in real life, but are meeting virtually for the first time. Or maybe everyone’s just feeling that “stuck in yet another video meeting” malaise.

In any case, you want to run an engaging and productive meeting, but how do you get past that awkward feeling at the beginning and help folks feel both relaxed and excited?

You need an icebreaker.

Kristin Leitch

Templates Product Marketing Manager at Miro

Kristin has worked in brand, design, and product marketing. She is passionate about building templates and tools so nobody ever has to start from scratch.

How do you Miro? Icebreaker challenge

Online icebreaker templates are one of the most common requests we receive for Miroverse. Even seasoned remote teams need a way to jumpstart conversations every now and again – particularly in the current context, with so many teammates scattered and homebound.

We decided to put out a call to our community – experts in engaging groups and enlivening conversations – to send us their best games and exercises as part of our first How do you Miro? challenge. The contest yielded 18 entries, and after some tough scrutiny from the judging panel of Maira Rahme, Iris Latour, and me, we crowned a winner.

Check them out in Miroverse, and read a little bit more about them below:

Judge’s Choice:

Monster Workshop by Nina Torr

Embrace childlike joy and enable your participants to create their own monsters from predesigned parts. They can even team up to create joint scenes.

Monster Workshop by Nina Torr

People’s choice:

Le Miro Cafe by Sara Parra Aguirre

It’s simple, fun, and beautifully designed. Sharing what you like for breakfast is an easy and personal way to start a meeting or workshop where people don’t know each other.

Le Miro Cafe by Sara Parra Aguirre

When Was the Last Time You… by Megan Carson

This icebreaker is tailor-made for today’s WFH reality. Come up with actions – like showering or going outside – and have each person share the last time they did that thing.

Let’s Do Lunch by Shreyas Gavit

Food is a classic touchpoint to bring people together. In this exercise, people share their favorite dishes from three different countries.

Let’s Do Lunch by Shreyas Gavit

Terrific Ten by Tricia Conyers & John Norcross

Want a few different options? Peruse this board for 10 great games to try.

Terrific Ten by Tricia Conyers & John Norcross

Draw Your Character by Piera Mattioli

Sketch yourself – no art skills required! Simply drag and drop different elements to draw a likeness of yourself as an introduction.

Draw Your Character by Piera Mattioli

Meaningful Month Challenge by Cozy Juicy Real

When you’re ready to get deep and connect authentically, try this game based on thought-provoking questions you can use every week for a month.

Meaningful Month Challenge by Cozy Juicy Real

We hope these icebreakers are both inspiring and useful for your next virtual meeting. We’ll keep posting new challenges in the Miro Community. Happy collaborating!

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