Miro’s new solution for Google Meet and Jamboard users: Introducing our app for Google Meet all-in-one devices

We’re working in lockstep with Google Workspace to build a robustly integrated and feature-rich visual workspace experience to help customers adopt Miro in hybrid environments,  or as an alternative to whiteboarding in Jamboard. Bringing together the power of Google Workspace and Miro’s visual workspace for innovation ensures customers can seamlessly transition their work and can continue to create the next big thing. Today, we’re announcing the following enhancements to bring new options for visual collaboration into Meet meetings and conference rooms: 

  • Improvements to Miro’s Google Meet integration for a smoother meeting experience
  • Launch of a Miro app for Series One Board 65 and Desk 27 devices by Avocor to bring whiteboarding into Google Meet conference rooms (coming 2024), as an alternative to Jamboard hardware.
  • Migration capability for easily importing Jamboard files into editable content in Miro so collaboration continues without skipping a beat.  
  • Expansion of the Miro add-on for Google Workspace to consolidate all apps in one place for easier access, including Meet, Calendar, Drive, and smart chips for Google Docs.

Deepening integration for seamless collaboration

Our partnership with Google Workspace has always been about more than just compatibility — it’s about reimagining collaboration. Miro was the first third-party app to introduce an embedded integration with Google Meet in 2021 to bring a workspace for innovation to all Google Workspace users. Today, we’re unveiling an even better Google Meet experience, driven by your needs and our dedication to continuous improvement.

Refining the Google Meet experience

Our Meet add-on update brings a more refined user experience that makes your Google Meet interactions in Miro more intuitive and fluid. We’re also integrating this experience seamlessly into the Google Workspace add-on framework. With a single click, you can now access Miro’s add-ons for Google Meet, Calendar, Drive, and smart chips all in one unified space. This integration simplifies your workflow, increases efficiency, and streamlines the collaborative journey across your organization. Plus, Google Workspace admins can make all of the integrations available for the organization instantly.

Embracing hardware for inclusive and flexible collaboration

Our commitment to more advanced collaboration doesn’t stop at software. We’re excited to announce that Miro will be extending its support to Google Meet all-in-one devices, with the launch of an embedded app coming in 2024 for Board 65 and Desk 27. This expansion into these Google Meet devices will allow for more inclusive and connected virtual and in-person work. 

Miro’s visual workspace for Google Workspace customers

Millions of schools, companies, and organizations leveraged Jamboard to foster seamless collaboration and deeper connection. Now, Miro is working with Google Workspace to provide a smooth migration from Jamboard to Miro to keep the collaboration going.  

“I choose Miro over the alternative products as it supports [a] wide variety of use cases, which can be used by multiple teams in a company.”

R. Manoj A., Reviewer on Capterra

Jamboard users will recognize familiar features in Miro, including sticky notes, text, shapes, drawings, and compatibility with Google Images and Drive, while also getting access to best-in-class advanced collaboration capabilities like:

  • Collaboration capabilities: Miro includes a full suite of capabilities designed for innovation including diagramming, real-time data visualization, workshop facilitation, and built-in support for common product development processes, including agile practices like estimation and retrospectives. Miro AI extends all these capabilities with AI-driven mapping and diagramming, clustering and summarization, and content generation.
  • Real time collaboration: A Miro Board can bring hundreds of collaborators together in the same space in real time, creating connections and driving engagement among teams.
  • Integrations: Miro is integrated into more than 130 apps, including the Google Workspace suite across Meet, Calendar, Drive, and smart chips in Docs. 
  • Devices: Coming in 2024, Miro will launch an app for the Board 65 and Desk 27  devices. Currently, Miro is compatible with tablet and iPad with stylus support.
  • Miroverse & Templates: Find inspiration to set up your virtual classroom or run company-wide strategy and planning with access to over 2,000 templates created by the Miro community and industry-leading organizations and experts.
  • Enterprise Security & Accessibility: We offer advanced security integrations, robust data residency, data governance solutions for sensitive data, and have an accessibility program targeting Level AA Success Criteria of WCAG 2.1.

Miro and its add-ons for Google Workspace are free for students and educators (up to 100 users). For educational institutions looking for a plan to accommodate more users with advanced security features, you can contact us to learn about the Miro enterprise plan.

Bring the updated Miro add-on experiences for Google Workspace to your organization

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Hoping to use our integrations with Google Workspace with your team? Reach out to your company admin to approve the Miro add-on for Google Workspace. 

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